Real Estate Rewards 4 U, LLC

A Real Estate Agent Referral Company which supports our Clients' favorite charities, non-profits, or their 529's now for 12+ years !   

Our sweet spot:  Those who like to help others.    By using our free service for each real estate transaction it is another way to contribute to what is important to our Clients.
Our service is not for everyone:   Those who want to make the initial contact with a real estate agent cannot later ask us to go to that agent, as most agents will not consider it a referral at that time. 

Why use our complimentary concierge service?      
1.- To help others.
2.- To help yourself.
You will bring more than your individual transaction in the mix.  You will have gone through our company to get to the real estate agent representing you.   Our business is real estate referrals.   If they perform well for you, they have a chance to receive more referrals from our many referral agents.   If they do not, they won't.

When do we see the money?
After your real estate transaction has closed, we have received our referral check from your real estate broker, and the check has cleared the banking channels.

Where is the money sent?   It is your choice.  We can issue a check to you and your favorite charity, so you can endorse it and give it to them for potential tax benefits, if you wish. 

Is the money worth it?   Our average referrals usually spin off several hundreds of dollars.   But for larger, or commercial transactions, the amounts can be much higher.   The amount always depends on the size of the transaction, and how much we receive.  

Call or email today!
Inform us the best time to reach you in emails/voice mails and we will attempt to do same.

(317) 313-9652*Due to the influx of business-to-business solicitations, we do not answer unknown numbers.  We however do return voice mails, and would like to talk with you.  Provide us the best time to contact you.



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