Will the funds I receive make a  real difference for others?

  • Everything is relative, but the money usually makes a difference for most

Here is an example:

  • A residential buyer uses our service to purchase a $400,000 home
  • We negotiate a 25% "referral" fee
  • The earned real estate commission is 3% for the buyer's agent
  • After the real estate transaction closes, the buyer's agent sends us $3,000 ($400,000x3%x25%)
  • 80% of $3,000 is $2,400 to your designated charity, church, scholarship fund or 529.
  • ​85% of $3,000 is $2,550 if you have a HOW YOU LEARNED ABOUT US CODE 
  • Most states will allow us to issue our check jointly to the buyer or seller and the other entity, so you can simply endorse it over to a 529, charity, church or scholarship fund.
    • Please consult with your Tax Advisor as this may allow you an opportunity to receive tax benefits.

The above is simply an example.   The amount of purchase or sale as well as the real estate commissions paid and the negotiated referral fee are all factors.


​​Helping  others  thru  Real  Estate in the US

529's, Charities, Churches, Scholarship Funds