Our Referral Clients can increase the percentage donated to their favorite Charity, Church, Scholarship Fund or 529 from the received referral funds when they provide us a HOW DID YOU LEARN ABOUT US CODE.

Anyone can become a when-you-want Independent Brand Ambassador and obtain a HOW DID YOU LEARN ABOUT US CODE from us; there are no age restrictions.

By why would you want to do it?

In addition to helping jump our Referral Clients percentage from 80% to 85%, we also contribute from the referral funds 5% to your designated Charity, Church, Scholarship Fund, or 529, each time your code is associated with a Referral Client transaction closing

Our Company currently only makes referrals for real estate transactions in the US, and we have no plans to expand beyond the US market.

Our referrals are for buying, selling, (or both), for residences, second homes, vacant land, condos, investment property, etc.   However, we make NO referrals for renting.   The only renting exception is for long-term commercial leases when a Commercial Real Estate Agent/Broker accepts our referral.

We have no overall cap how much we can pay your particular Charity, Church, Scholarship Fund but there are limits to an individual 529 account imposed by the government.   

We pay after a real estate transaction with your unique code has Closed, and the related funds have been received and have been accepted and cleared by our banking institution from the Agent/Broker who handled the real estate transaction.

To obtain a HOW DID YOU LEARN ABOUT US CODE send an email to: 

In that email please supply us:

  • Your Name
  • Name of the specific Charity, Church, Scholarship Fund, or 529 to be associated with your code
  • Address where all payments should be mailed to the Charity, Church, Scholarship Fund or 529.

Any questions about this program can also be directed to: 

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