All transfers are done online. Transfers should not be completed by Managing Brokers, but rather it should be completed by the licensee at:  

Move to Referral NEW COMPANY 

You will need our Company's License #:  

In case the form now also asks for the Managing Broker's License # it is:  

​You will be required to pay $11.22
* online to make the transfer.           

*Subject to change by the State 

It is assumed you agree to our standard independent contract's terms, unless we hear differently shortly after we email it to you.  We charge a one-time $45 Member Fee, but it can be paid (credit taken) at the time of your first referral with no interest. 

We can also provide you with our orientation package free of charge, which includes:

  • Business card outline with logo; use, if you wish
  • Letterhead outline with logo, which again you can use as you wish
  • Top 10 ways to grow your referral business
  • Real Estate with a Personal Life document, which outlines how to make a referral, examples of the money, etc. 
  • An Excel accounting shell to help you track your revenue and expenses

Indiana Real Estate Referral Brokers