Indiana Real Estate Referral Brokers

Our GOAL is to be the best Real Estate Referral Company for those who have an Indiana Real Estate License who want to place their license in “Referral” status.

To accomplish our GOAL our BUSINESS PLAN allows Indiana Real Estate Licensees in “Referral” status to join our company via a minimal one-time joining fee.  We offer 80% percentage splits which can increase to 85%, and an unique opportunity to build a “Referral Team” which can earn members 10% residual income from their team’s closed referrals.

Our referral revenue splits are:

80% to you from the generated referral revenue you initiated;
85% to you after the fifth side closing, or after $5,000 in total generated referral commission 
​10% of above payment to any Agent/Broker you directly refer to our company (no pyramiding-only one level down)

An example
* how the splits work:

  • Assume you "refer" a Residential Buyer to an "Active" Agent.
  • You reached a 25% referral split with the "Active" Agent.
  • The house closed for $400,000.
  • The Seller's Agent listed the property with the Buyer's Agent receiving a cooperative split of 3% from the total 6% Seller's Listing commission.
  • 3% of $400,000 = $12,000 that would be sent to the "Active" Buyer's Broker
  • 25% of the $12,000 = $3,000 would be sent to our Company based on your agreement with the "Active" Agent.
  • 80% of the $3,000 = $2,400 would be sent to you, as your split.
    • [If you had reached the 85% level, it would be $3,000 x 85% = $2,550]

*The above example is based on a 25% negotiated referral split with the "Active" real estate agent, but the net to you differs if you negotiate a different percentage:

A pre-approved Buyer, for example, may allow you to negotiate a higher referral percentage.

If the above payment was sent to an Agent/Broker you directly referred to us, we would have sent you $240. [$255 if that Agent/Broker had reached the 85% split level]