• Transfer Buyers to Austin, TX area contributed to son's 529 account.
  • Seller in San Diego, CA area used our check for his fraternity's Housing Building Fund.
  • Buyers in Indianapolis had their money sent to their church.

Works anywhere in US

  • Our company exists as a conduit for our customers to “Help Others thru Real Estate” 
  • How?
  • You tell us the Real Estate Agent you wish to use for your real estate transaction..
  • ​We contact the Agent you wish to use and negotiate a “Referral" fee.
  • We then provide them your contact information when we send them a confirming referral email.
  • They then contact you to begin the buying or/and selling process.
  • Within 2 weeks upon receipt of the “Referral" fee from the Agent you chose, we send you a check made payable to your favorite charity, church, scholarship fund or a 529 set-up for a child, grandchild, etc.
  • The check to your designated Charity, Church, Scholarship Fund or 529 amounts to 80% of the received “Referral" fee amount; however it can jump to 85% with a HOW YOU LEARNED ABOUT US CODE.
  • Referrals are common in the real estate industry, therefore rarely are referrals refused by an Agent if you are a serious residential or commercial real estate buyer or seller.
    • However, almost all Agents will only consider a "Referral" if we contact them first, before you do.
  • This will also work for commercial lessor/lessee transactions, but not for residential rentals.
  • This is just another way to contribute to a deserving non-profit entity, and there are many!

A unique real estate referral service that allows us to jointly make this a better world.

​​​​Helping others  thru  Real  Estate in the US

529's, Charities, Churches, Scholarship Funds